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Inspired by the Clinton White House scandals and the national obsession with wealth, power, celebrity and violence, my latest is a tabloid tale of crimes of passion, high fashion and murder.

“Out scandalizes Scandal.” Jewelle Gomez, author of the Gilda Stories

“Ruff's third novel is a high-stakes drama." -- Kirkus Reviews

“And now blooms GJS II and Shawn has become one of America’s most important authors.” Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer




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I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. Washington, D.C., and Savannah, Georgia, are places I’ve lived, but New York City has ever been home. I attended the University of Cincinnati and later decided against further study at Columbia University in favor of writing. So far, there are 3 novels, the first of which earned a Lambda Literary Award for Debut Fiction, among other plaudits. I’m also editor of a landmark book published by Henry Holt: Go the Way Your Blood Beats: An Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Fiction by African Americans.


Books I’ve either authored or edited so far — each narrowing in on African-America but as a window onto American history, race, class and culture.


set against the Clinton White House scandals, and the nation’s cultural obsessions with wealth, celebrity, race and violence — an intriguing faceted look at disillusionment at the heart of the new American age. 2016

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    redemption in the unexpected: A widower, professor and marijuana artisan and philanthropist befriends a boy and his mother living in crime - and drug-infested public housing. 2013

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      Toss and Whirl and Pass

      the journey of the living brought unbearably to a close, the dance of life — memory, love, loss — in the age of AIDS and terrorism. 2010

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        a panorama of Cincinnati, Ohio, not six years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, zeroes in on a black boy and a Jewish boy in love and trouble. 2008

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          Go the Way Your Blood Beats

          An Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Fiction by African American Writers, a literary look at the LGBT presence in the history of black American literature. 1996

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